MegaFamily Card

There are countless benefits in signing up for your personal MEGA FAMILY CARD today!
You will receive special offers through e-mail or via mail.  Also, you will be able to participate in special offer such as receving a FREE birthday cake on your birthday or any of your family members birthday.
Also, there are special “FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY” sales that only apply to card holder members.
You can get MEGA CASH DOLLARS as well.  For every dollar you spend, you will receive a point.  And MEGA MART will give you $5.00 in MEGA CASH for every 1,000 points you earn.  So make sure you present your card when ever you make a purchase at MEGA MART.
In addition, check out our MegaMom program:

MEGA MOM’s CLUB is dedicated for moms and wives that are also dedicated in selecting the upmost quality and selection by providing premium products to our members that can only be found in our distinguished service.

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