At MegaMart you will find everything you need for you and your families food needs. From a wide selection of Grocery Items, to Frozen Foods and an ample Wine and Beer selection,  Megamart strives to be the one place for all of your Grocery Shopping.

MEGA MART carries the ingredients and selection to make that special meal for your loved ones. Our wide
selection of our grocery items start from Asia to South America. From our selection, you will find your favorite
bag of chips to the spices that are needed for your holiday dishes. And because we have so many dishes that
are from around the world, MEGA MART has special tasting festivals on weekends all day long so you can give
your taste buds a vacation from your ordinary dishes.

Frozen Food
Our Frozen Food Department carries items from around the world. We have dumplings, chicken nuggets, ice cream and so much more. If you’re in the mood for a treat, then look no further.  We carry many name brand products and some lesser known ones too.

Wine and Beer
For every football game, for every social gathering, or just a chat with a friend has a beer or a spirit to make the moment count.  At MEGA MART we have a great variety of selections of beer and wines from all over the world.  Mainly Asian wines and beer are one of our top sellers due to our high demand and because its ingredients.  MEGA MART also carries a great wine selection that will make that special dish give that special kick!  Come in and see all the varieties of our spirits.

To contact our grocery department: 770-817-6400 Phone, 770-817-6401 Fax, or

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